FATE Consortium Signs on as Lead Sponsor for the International Symposium on Solar Energy from Space

Boston, MA – September 7, 2009

In Toronto this week, international leaders in the movement to promote space-based solar power (“SSP”) are gathering for a summit to discuss the role solar energy from space can play in helping meet the world’s rapidly growing need for energy in the coming decades. Demonstrating its commitment to realizing SSP’s potential, FATE Consortium has signed on as a lead sponsor of the prestigious event, which is hosted by SPACE Canada and the International Academy of Astronautics.

Additional goals of the symposium are to assess the technological readiness and risks associated with the space-based solar power concept, and to frame an international roadmap that could lead to the realization of the concept.

FATE Consortium is a global economic and technological initiative established to promote a universally accessible and sustainable energy infrastructure. FATE’s mission is to create a new energy industry architecture to reduce barriers to entry, promote a more stable price environment, and provide consumers around the world with unfettered access to energy and water. More information about the FATE Consortium can be found at www.fateconsortium.com.