FATE Consortium Addresses The 8th World Tunisian Business Forum

Vienna, Austria – June 5, 2015

Wael Almazeedi, Founder, FATE Consortium, provided a keynote speech on Energy and Climate Change in the 21st Century at the 8th World Tunisian Business Forum, held in Vienna, Austria on June 5, 2015.

The Forum was organized by the Association of Tunisian Businessmen Abroad (Association des Hommes d’Affaires Tunisiens a l’ Etranger) and covered health, education, energy, environment and the economy. 

The objective of the Forum is to brainstorm practical solutions and develop concrete recommendations for the creation of an attractive environment for foreign direct investment and joint venture partnerships in Tunisia.

Distinguished Forum speakers included senior advisors to Tunisian government agencies, senior diplomats, and business leaders from Europe, North America and the Middle East North Africa region. 


About FATE Consortium
FATE Consortium is a collaborative platform focused on demonstrating, commercializing, deploying and scaling up state-of-the-art and next generation energy technologies and concepts in growth markets around the world.