Project Platforms

Space Solar Power
Challenge: The intermittency and localization of renewable energy resources undermine their ability to act as sources for dispatchable or competitive utility-scale base-load generation.
In addition to deploying commercially viable utility-scale energy storage technologies, we are supporting the development of a privately-managed venture to capture solar radiation in geostationary Earth’s orbit (“GEO”) and beaming power via wireless transmission to receiver stations on Earth could provide a sustainable and constant source of power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, solar radiation captured in space could satisfy the energy requirements of emerging in-space applications.
We plan to initially demonstrate the viability of wireless high power transmission over long distances for a select number of terrestrial applications.
In partnership with a leading research institute, we plan to commission clinical trials to assess the safety on human health of wireless high power transmission.
We supported the publication of a book titled: “The Case for Space Solar Power” in 2014 by John Mankins.