Technology Platforms

Distributed Energy Resources
Challenge: Local utilities in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are forced to invest billions of dollar every year to meet peak load demand requirements for electricity, which is increasing at an average annual rate of 8% across the region. Expensive peaking resources (low utilization electricity assets) are brought on stream for typically less than 50 hours a year to satisfy peak load demand spikes.
Aggregation of demand response capacity across the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Demand response is a dispatchable demand-side management resource.
Delivery: We modeled the avoided cost of generation during peak hours for each grid and developed value propositions tailored to each market.

We advised a leading demand response aggregator on its market entry strategy in the GCC region.

We worked closely with a local utility and its regulator to prepare the market for the provision by independent service providers of demand response services in the commercial and industrial sectors.