FATE (Free-Access-To-Energy) Consortium is a social enterprise focused on creating global collaborative platforms to develop and implement innovative and commercial turnkey solutions to the world’s pressing energy challenges.


FATE Consortium’s mission is to facilitate the creation of a new global energy paradigm in which consumers around the world have unfettered access to sustainable, competitively priced energy resources.


We live in a world governed by fragile, interdependent supply/demand systems for essentials: energy resources, clean water, and food. The smallest disruption can cause global price and supply tremors, creating tremendous hardships for millions of people. The energy challenges before us will not simply go away on their own. If we do not develop a new global energy paradigm, we had better prepare ourselves for a world with more starvation, more environmental disasters, and more wars.

Even worse, a large proportion of the world’s population is deprived of what most of us take for granted. Approximately 1.4 billion people live without electricity and an additional 2.7 billion depend entirely on wood, charcoal and dung for their energy needs. Those of us who are able to readily access energy resources do so at terms and prices that differ markedly from one place to another with no convergence in sight.

As global citizens, we hold ourselves accountable to the world community, respect its diversity, and share not only its prosperity but also its scarcity and pain. Our aim is to transform the global energy industry into an engine for socially and environmentally responsible economic growth and technological advancement serving all of mankind.